edging and profiles

We produce a wide array of edgings and profiles for applications aimed at the agricultural sector and industry. Our products are totally recyclable and sustainable.

We guarantee the best sustainable protection

Our edging is the best solution in order to protect your products during transport and storage.

With various application purposes that guarantee the best protection. Available in a wide variety of formats, colours, surface finishes, our edgings are available in an auto-adhesive version, and even waterproof (for products that must be transported in cold chambers and/or damp environments).

Product range

We avail of different types of edgings with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so that they can adjust perfectly to the customer's requirements.

  • Tolerance ± 3 mm
    28.5 - 100 mm

  • Tolerance ± 3 mm
    57 - 200 mm

  • Tolerance ± 0.3 mm (± 0.5 mm for thickness > 5 mm)
    1 - 7 mm

  • Tolerance ± (1 - 10) mm
    50 - 7000 mm