is our standard

We focus on quality, both for the services that we offer to our customers and for the development of our products.

We seek excellence. We are motivated by the continuous improvements, so we are innovating day by day in order to offer solutions to our customers, providing our experience, creating value in long-term relationships.

We design products that provide a solution for your needs, from the conception and design to the delivery of the product and its behaviour in the application for which it has been designed.

Our products and factories are certified by AENOR in order to guarantee compliance with the highest quality and operational standards.

We take into account various factors in order to guarantee the quality of the product we provide, such as:

  • sizes of the product, interior, exterior and surface finish, and length
  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to flattening
  • Roundness and rectilinearity
  • Humidity
  • Quality of the finish
  • Our quality certifications from AENOR are in accordance with the ISO standard in integrated system management:

  • Quality, ISO 9001
  • Environment, ISO 14000
  • Prevention of Occupational Hazards, OHSAS 18001
  • Alpesa Certificates

    We have certification for sustainability of management, production and products from the IPS (Spanish Institute for Sustainable Production).

    In addition, we comply with the pertinent legal dispositions with regards to materials, and we comply with REACH and the EU dispositions. We avail of products that are suitable for contact with food and can be personalised with your logo.

    Our team will study your requirements and will help you to find the ideal solution for your application.